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Bulldock   registered to ExiledCraft
RolfOMG! A hacker just ruined our place! He can build in claims, is invisible! And has all blocks! His name is Corynas! Pleaseee help! He is ruining our houses and stuff! Please help
-Rolf D:
robkis881   registered to ExiledCraft
pcnerdkidi like the new place at spawn
pcnerdkid   you can see i have 41 that i lost in the dungeon
RolfSo, we made some soup with Ari today >:d I just wanted to share this weird clip that I had :d (Sorry for the bad quality or anything else btw, this is just a random clip xD )
Ari Soup - Minecraft
Today we make a soup with Ari. :D
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Zazygalka   Hahaha :d :d :d Ari`s soup :d New recipe :d
pcnerdkidi am stuck in the dungeon i cant login to leave help me zazy
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Rolf   You need to do /dxl leave first, then /login password :)
Zazygalka   Do as Rolf wrote ;)
pcnerdkid   i got out but i lost my 48 xp
RolfThe server just had 2 bot attacks, the lag is real xD. A person joined named PixelPlayzzz, and he said I will stream the server, then he said let me add the server IP to the stream or something, idk, then right after that, 2 bot attacks. That person might be causing the bot attacks.
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Zazygalka   Yea, probably :d They are just wasting theyr time :d
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PitBull   registered to ExiledCraft
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ZazygalkaFigured out how to add charms back, so far so good. Still in testing mode, but looks better. :)
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Rolf   Thanks, they are very useful! :d
MinionKevin   but what about us for the new ones :/ no chance of getting charms instead of buying if someone sells
Zazygalka   I will implement some kind of system with them :)
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